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Специальные инструменты ATE

ATE service trolley system inlay 4

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This system inlay keeps all the important tools you need for measurement on hand. The ATE tools are held in place ready to use by the soft foam inlays. Another advantage of the inlays is that you notice immediately if a tool is missing.

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ATE service trolley system inlay 4

Комплект поставки

  • 03.9301-0200.1 Test card for magnetic sensor wheels
  • 03.9314-0011.3 Digital brake disc vernier
  • 03.9304-0034.2 Dial gauge
  • 03.9314-0019.2 Magnetic dial gauge bracket
  • 03.9314-0022.1 Straight edge
  • 03.9314-5750.3 Brake spring pliers
  • 03.9309-0080.3 Locking brake cable spring pliers
  • 03.9309-0090.3 Spring assembly pliers
  • 03.9314-4944.1 Inlay empty 342x519x35 mm