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Специальные инструменты ATE

ATE Caliper repair case

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The brake caliper repair case is intended for repair and maintenance of guide elements on the ATE brake caliper

The case contains in all 118 ATE original parts and is sufficient for the repair of up to 20 brake calipers. The parts for brake caliper repairs are arranged in an assortment case and thus kept handy for caliper repairs. The labeling of the individual case compartments simplifies re-ordering of the components parts. The case is delivered with 2 honing brushes (ATE and Lucas) for guideway cleaning.
The repair parts can be used for all motor vehicles with ATE sliding calipers.

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Комплект поставки

Initial set

Guide pin
8 x 11.8171-0067.1
16 x 11.8171-0069.1 (replaces -0008.1)
4 x 11.8171-0072.1
4 x 11.8171-0096.1
2 x 11.0103-0001.2 (repair set)
2 x 11.0103-0002.2 (repair set)

Protective caps
10 x 11.8190-0067.1
10 x 11.8190-0157.2
10 x 11.8190-0751.1

Guide bushes
8 x 11.8171-0015.2
8 x 11.8171-0022.1
8 x 11.8171-0061.2
4 x 11.8171-0065.2
8 x 11.8171-0066.1
8 x 11.8171-0073.2
8 x 11.8171-0092.1

Honing brushes
1 x 03.9314-1395.1
1 x 03.9314-1396.1


For ATE part numbers see product information in the lid of the case. Use these numbers for component reordering. In order to facilitate finding the vehicle type in the catalog, the product information also lists the repair set item number for each component part. This way the case can be used universally.