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5 l Аппарат для вытяжки воздуха ATE FB 5ev

Артикул №

The ATE FB 5ev is a particularly compact and sturdy 5 liter brake bleeding unit. It fulfils all requirements related to the filling, flushing and bleeding of modern electronic brake systems. The variable pressure setting is available in a range from 0.4 to 3,5 bar and thus meets all pressure ranges of leading vehicle manufacturers. The working pressures are set to the working pressure required using a rotary controller and can be checked using aclass 1.6  manometer.

Today’s modern low-viscosity brake fluids make high demands on the safe function of a brake filling and bleeding unit. Special attention was paid to this during development of the ATE FB 5ev. A special pump generates a pulsating fluid flow which supports the complete flushing and bleeding of the brake system. The ATE FB 5ev works directly out of the ATE 5 liter canister, which is fixed securely in the unit using a stable fixture. This means time-consuming brake fluid transfer is no longer necessary. The suction lance is held safely in the container by a rubber sealing cone.

Thanks to the permanent pressure monitoring, the pump is switched off when the can is empty, preventing air being pumped into the brake system. A practical feature of the ATE FB 5ev are the filling hose and power cable holders on the side and the three bleeder adapters on each side of the unit.

The power cable is connected to the unit by a non-heating device plug (IEC 60320) and thus allows the power cable to be exchanged quickly in the event of damage or for use with other country-specific cables. The large carrying handle supports the unit’s mobility.

The ATE FB 5ev is delivered with a bleeding adapter no.: 20.



  • Variable pressure setting 0.4-3,5 bar
  • Compact design
  • Especially sturdy
  • Simple to operate
  • Suitable for low-viscosity brake fluids
  • Pulsating brake fluid flow

Комплект поставки

  • Complete unit
  • Operating instructions
  • Bleeding adapter no.: 20 

Техн. спецификации

Brake fluid capacity: 5 liters
Power supply: 230 V ~ , 50 - 60 Hz
Delivery rate of pump: approx. 24 l/h at 2 bar pressure
Working pressure: 0,4-3,5 bar
Automatic cut-off of pump: at approx. 9mm remaining fluid level in the can
Length of connecting cable: 5 m IEC
Filling hose length: 3,5 m
Dimensions: H x W x D : 530 x 285 x 250 mm
Weight: 8,6 kg
Noise level: 66 dB(A)