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Test card for magnetic sensor wheels

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The new active wheel speed sensors work with magnetic sensor wheels, which are integrated in the rubber sealing ring of the wheel bearing. For this, the rubber is enriched with iron dust and then given magnetic fields which are highly sensitive. It is not possible the check the magnetic sensor wheels visually.

Before a new wheel bearing is installed, it is therefore absolutely necessary that the wheels be checked. The part could be faulty, and the direction of installation must be determined. But when checking errors in the ABS it may also be necessary in the case of sensor errors to check the magnetic sensor wheels.

With the ATE test card for magnetic sensor wheels, these tests can be carried out reliably, easily and inexpensively. The magnetic fields of the sensor wheel are shown visually in the display window of the ATE test card, making it possible to check them.
The ATE test card for magnetic sensor wheels comes with an integrated protective case.




  • Fast, simple and inexpensive.


  • Test card with integrated protective case, with brief operating instructions.