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11 mm reamer for ABS sensor mount

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Before installing a new ABS wheel speed sensor, this fixture hole must be thoroughly cleaned and brought back to nominal dimension. The ATE reamer is the ideal tool for this.

The reamer enables precise cleaning of the fixture hole with an 11 mm diameter for the ABS wheel speed sensor, without expanding the diameter of the hole or damaging the sensor wheel.

This ensures correct reinstallation of the wheel speed sensor. The 11 mm reamer is tuned for use on vehicles of the VAG Group, e.g., Golf 6/7, Audi A3, Skoda Oktavia and Seat Leon. The drive ratchet has very fine toothing. The grip swivels in small stops. As a result, effective cleaning of the fixture hole is no problem, even in tight spaces.


  • Time saving
  • Swivel grip with very fine toothing
  • Easy to use, even with limited space
  • No damage to the fixture hole and the sensor wheel
  • No damage to the new sensor when mounting
  • Guarantee of precise measured values


11 mm reamer


To prevent corrosion in the mounting hole, it is advisable to thinly spread ATE Plastilube over it.