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Magnetic dial-gauge holder

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The ATE magnetic dial-gauge holder, used in conjunction with the ATE dial gauge, enables lateral and radial run-out measurements to be taken on brake disks and wheel hubs. Its 70 movable steel pins provide a perfect fit on uneven surfaces. This means that the 60 N strong magnet adheres optimally. The three swivel arms can be secured by means of a clamping screw and allow the ATE dial gauge to be aligned with any measuring point. A fine adjustment mechanism at the clamp of the dial-gauge permits precise zero point calibration of the ATE dial gauge.

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  • 70 flexible steel segments adapt perfectly to any shape surface
  • Constant securing force of 60 N
  • One clamping screw fixes all three swivel arms at the same time
  • Fine tuning via a knurled screw


Supplied without dial gauge