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Brake fluid tester BFT 320P

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Brake fluid is hygroscopic, i.e. it absorbs a lot of water in the course of time. This will lower its boiling point and increase the risk of vapour lock. You should therefore have a garage check and replace the brake fluid as appropriate.

ATE's BFT 320P takes laboratory-scale boiling point readings of all Glycol brake fluids (DOT 3, DOT 4,
DOT 5.1). It applies the boiling method which is the only way of finding the exact boiling point of any type of brake fluid.
ATE BFT 320P heats the brake fluid to its boiling point. Then it displays the temperature reading and outputs it to the printer. A measuring cycle only takes about 30 seconds. Its easily readable digital result appears on the display followed by a recommendation to replace the brake fluid, if required Replacing the brake fluid 'just in case' thus is a thing of the past. Brake fluid tester ATE BFT 320P is easy to manage, features a 12 Volt connector, and is a very convenient means of measuring the brake fluid's boiling point directly in the vehicle's expansion tank. The sampling beaker and pipette from the package allow measurements to be made outside the vehicle.


Use the thermal printer to produce a hard copy of the reading and measurement for customer and garage use. A bracket lets you easily attach the printer to the brake fluid tester to automatically print two copies of the measuring result together with a recommendation to replace the brake fluid.


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  • The boiling method is the only method that produces exact results for any type of brake fluid
  • Easy to use navigation menu (D, GB, F, I, E, P, PL, CZ, SK)
  • Display of digital boiling point reading and recommendation to replace the brake fluid (D, GB, F, I, E, P, PL, CZ, SK)
  • Supports measuring inside the expansion tank
  • Designed for high boiling point brake fluids
    (up to 320 °C)
  • Two hard copies of the result for customer and garage use


  • Complete tester
  • Thermal printer and bracket
  • Sampling beaker and pipette
  • Operating instructions
  • Robust case


at 100-180° C: +/- 3%
> 180° C: +/- 5%
Measuring time: approx. 30 seconds
Power supply: 12 Volt