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Brake fluid disposal system 223

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To dispose of used brake fluid cost-effectively, it must be collected cleanly in a closed system. The ATE Brake Fluid Disposal System 223 is perfectly suited for this purpose. It consists of three collection tanks, each with a capacity of 2.2 litres, and one collection container with a volume of 220 litres.

The collection tanks are made of plastic and equipped with a sturdy silicone hose that is directly connected to the vehicle's bleed valve. The large capacity of the collection containers allows for multiple bleeding processes or brake fluid changes without the need to empty them in between. A quick coupling at the bottom of the collection containers enables their clean and quick emptying. For this purpose, they simply need to be attached to the discharge connection of the collection tank. Once the collection tank is full, the old brake fluid can be disposed of cleanly to the local waste disposal facility.