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5 liter electrical brake bleeding unit FB 5e

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The ATE FB 5e is a particularly easy to operate, robust and economical brake bleeding unit. It fulfills all the requirements for filling, flushing and bleeding of modern electronic brake systems. Two pressure stages are available for this: 1.0 and 2.0 bar. This corresponds to the stipulations of leading car manufacturers and avoids faulty setting of the working pressure. The working pressures are set using a rocker switch. Checking with a pressure gage is not necessary because of the predetermined pressure. The current low-viscosity brake fluids set stringent standards for the safe operation of a brake filling and bleeding unit, and these were taken into particular account during the development of the ATE FB 5e. A special pump creates a pulsing fluid flow which supports the complete flushing and bleeding of the braking system.

The ATE FB 5e works directly from the ATE 5 Liter can, which is securely fixed in the unit using a clamping strap. There is no longer any need for the time-consuming transfer of brake fluid. The suction lance is held securely in the can by a screwed fitting. When the brake fluid can being used is empty, the float lever closes the intake port of the suction lance. This ensures that air can never be pumped into the braking system.

Practical features are the holders mounted on the side of the ATE FB 5e for the filling hose and the mains cable as well as for holders for the three bleeding spigots on the rear of the unit. The large handle can be used for carrying the unit comfortably. All materials used on the ATE FB 5e are resistant to brake fluid.

The ATE FB 5e is delivered with a bleeding spigot no.: 20 (Europe spigot).


  • Economical
  • Particularly sturdy
  • Easy to operate
  • Two pressure stages, avoids incorrect settings
  • Suitable for low-viscosity brake fluids
  • Pulsing brake fluid flow


  • Complete unit
  • Operating manual
  • Bleeding spigot no.: 20 (Europe spigot)


Brake fluid capacity: 5 liters
Power supply: 230 V ~ , 50 - 60 Hz
Delivery rate of pump: approx. 12 l/h at 2 bar pressure
Length of connecting cable: 4.2 m
Filling hose length: 3.5 m
Dimensions: HxWxD: 530 x 270 x 250 mm
Weight: 8.5 kg
Noise level 68 dB(A)