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  • 30 l brake bleeding unit FB 30 SR with integrated extractor unit

30 l brake bleeding unit FB 30 SR with integrated extractor unit

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Modern service units are required for changing the brake fluid on modern vehicles with electronic brake systems. Thanks to its innovative technology of "Electronic pressure control" with variable and preset pressure stages, as well as the integrated suction device, the new ATE FB 30 SR is the benchmark for brake filling and bleeding units.

With its central ergonomic operating panel the new ATE FB 30 SR is controlled between the functions suction as well as filling/bleeding. The signal lamps show the function selected. All functions are arranged clearly on the operating panel.

There are three pressure stages available for filling, flushing and bleeding the brake system:  0.4/1.0/2.2 bar. There is also a variable pressure setting of 0.4–3.5 bar available. A manometer enables the pressure selected to be checked.

Modern low-viscosity brake fluids available make great demands on the safe function of a brake filling and bleeding unit. During development of the ATE FB 30 SR, great value was placed on the safe function with all standard DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluids. The ATE FB 30 SR brake filling and bleeding unit works directly from brake fluid cans with 5, 20 and 30 liters capacity which are secured in the unit by means of a retainer. There is no longer any need for the time-consuming transfer of brake fluid. Alongside the ATE brake fluid cans, other cans available from retailers can also be used. A special holder ensures that the suction lance is fitted firmly in the can. There is a special bleeding valve integrated in the rubber sealing cone which only allows air to enter the can when brake fluid is being removed. This prevents air being drawn into the can in an uncontrolled way. If the brake fluid can should become empty, the ATE FB 30 SR is switched off automatically in order to guarantee that no air gets into the brake system. A clear acoustic signal and signal lamp indicate that the can needs changing.

Professional brake fluid changing also includes cleaning the fluid reservoir. For this, the old and soiled brake fluid is extracted from the fluid reservoir. An integrated, independent and especially robust pump is used for extracting the used brake fluid. Even difficult-to-access reservoirs are easy to empty using the extendable coil hose (around 3 meters long). A filter integrated into the suction hose protects the pump from coarse dirt particles. The extracted brake fluid is collected in a transparent drain bottle which has a capacity of about 2.2 liters. This is matched to the ATE disposal system and can be emptied easily. Conventional emptying is also possible via the screw cap.

A special base plate prevents unsightly scratches caused by the brake fluid cans.
Practical features of the ATE FB 30 SR are the filling hose and power cable holders on the side, as well as holders for three bleeding spigots. There is a practical storage tray on the unit for depositing small parts or tools. Large wheels at the front and swivel casters at the rear combined with the ergonomic handle make convenient and safe maneuvering of the ATE FB 30 SR possible even with a full 30 liter can. The ATE FB 30 SR is delivered with bleeding spigot no. 20 (Europe spigot).


  • Fast and effective work through fixed pressure stages
  • Manual selection of pressure between 0.4 - 3.5 bar depending on the application
  • Suitable for all common brake and clutch systems
  • Extraction of used brake fluid
  • Can be operated with all standard mains voltages
  • Different country-specific power cables available
  • Constant working pressure thanks to electronic pressure control EDR
  • Suitable for low-viscosity brake fluids
  • Different brake fluid cans can be used
  •  Base plate protects against scratches
  • Automatic switch-off and acoustic warning signal when can is empty
  • Signal lamps for the respective operating states
  • Holders for power cable, filling hose and six bleeding spigots
  • Four wheels, two of which are swivel casters


  • Complete unit including collection bottle (without new fluid can)
  • Operating manual
  • Power cable with shockproof plug
  • Bleeding spigot no.: 20 (Europe spigot)


Brake fluid capacity: 5 to 30 liters
Power supply: 100-240 V ~ , 50 - 60 Hz
Delivery rate of pump: approx. 1.1 l/min
Suction pump delivery rate: approx. 1.0 l/min - 230 V ~ , 50-60 Hz
Electronic pressure control system (EDR), pressure level: pressure-less / 0.4 bar / 1.0 bar / 2.2 bar
Automatic cut-off of pump: at approx. 9mm remaining fluid level in the can
Length of connecting cable: 5 m
Filling hose lengt: 3,5 m
Dimensions: H x W x D: 915 x 475 x 380 mm
Weight: 16,9 kg
Noise level 66 dB(A)