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15 liter electrical brake bleeding unit - FB 15 for mineral oil

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The new ATE FB 15 in the version for use with mineral oil is an electrically operated bleeding unit with a tank capacity of 15 liters. It has a particularly robust construction. The powerful pump allows all hydraulic clutch and brake systems, including ABS, EDS or ESP, can be filled, flushed and bled and also permits use on transmission control systems and other hydraulic systems. A low-pressure leakage test of a brake or clutch system can be easily carried out with the ATE FB 15. An ATE accessory set is available for the mineral oil version of the ATE FB 15.

Only one person is needed to operate the ATE FB 15.
Its large casters and the convenient steering handle allow it to be moved easily. Practical holders are provided on the unit for the filling hose, the power cable and for four ATE bleeding unit adapters. The clearly-arranged control elements make the ATE FB 15 easy to operate. The fluid-level indicator allows you to check the amount remaining in the brake fluid tank. If it is necessary to top up the brake fluid, this can be done while the the unit is running, because the ATE FB15 does not need to be bled again. If there is insufficient brake fluid in the unit, the pump is automatically switched off, a clear warning signal sounds, and no air can be drawn in. The working pressure can be adjusted by a pressure regulator that is protected against inadvertant adjustment and can be monitored with the working-pressure manometer. At 3.5 meters, the length of the filling hose is sufficient for all requirements.
It goes without saying that all materials used on the FB 15 are completely resistant to mineral oil.

  • For mineral oil!


  • Well-proven, particularly robust unit for workshop use


  • Unit complete
  • Adapters for connecting the unit must be ordered separately
  • Operating instructions


Brake fluid capacity: 15 liters
Power supply: 230V ~ , 50-60 Hz
Delivery rate of pump: 1.3 l/min
Working pressure: 2 bar (0 to 3 bar adjustable)
Automatic cut-off of pump: at approx. 9 mm remaining fluid level
Length of connecting cable: 4.20m
Filling hose length: 3.5 m
Dimensions: H x W x D : 745 x 380 x 705 mm
Weight: 20.5 kg
Noise level 66 dB(A)