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Digital brake disk caliper gauge with certificate

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The digital ATE brake disk caliper gauge is an indispensable tool for precisely determining brake disk wear. It enables quick and easy measurement of brake disk thickness, i.e., the degree of wear. The measuring range is 125 mm and the length of the measuring jaws is 85 mm. The design of the measuring jaws permits exact measurement even if the disc has a ridge.

Work with the digital ATE brake disc caliper gauge couldn't be easier. After the measuring jaws have been positioned on the brake disk, the result of measurement is shown in figures on the display. The reading is saved by briefly pressing the hold button. The caliper gauge then can be opened and removed from the brake disk. The reading remains saved until the hold button is pressed again. This is a big advantage especially if accessibility is a problem or poor lighting conditions in the wheel well impede reading. The result of measurement thus can be conveniently read and compared with the desired value.

If required, null balancing of the gauge can be quickly initiated at the push of a button. The user can freely choose between 'mm' and 'inch' as units of measure.

The big advantage of the digital ATE brake disk caliper gauge is that no special know-how is required for taking readings. The digital reading display is self-explanatory even to laypersons and can be nicely used for sales talks with the customer.

The digital ATE brake disk caliper gauge is tested and delivered with a certificate.

La cerere
Digital brake disk caliper gauge with certificate


  • Convenient, reliable reading of measurements
  • Easy saving of readings
  • Measuring jaw design permits accurate measurement even if a brake disk has a ridge
  • Sturdy design suited for workshop use
  • Tested caliper gauge with certificate


  • Complete instrument in durable plastic box
  • Substitute battery
  • Operating manual
  • Certificate


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