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Wheel hub cleaning set 2.1

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The ATE wheel hub cleaning set 2.1 is an ideal tool for fast, safe and economical cleaning of wheel hubs with studs. Due to its positive locking connection between the fixture and cleaning disc, high torques can be transmitted.

Before mounting the brake disc, the contact surface of the wheel hub must be cleaned metallically bright. Only in this manner can the installation tolerances be maintained and brake judder prevented. The ATE wheel hub cleaning set 2.1 consists of an aluminium mounting plate in which the drill is clamped. The cleaning discs, which are also included in the set in two sizes, are held in the fixture with a Velcro fastener. The transmission of force from the fixture to the cleaning disc takes place via an octagonal positive locking connection, through which high torques can be transmitted. The cleaning disc is guided through the centre hole securely on the wheel stud. This prevents slipping and ensures optimum work around the studs.

The cleaning process itself does not last more than 10 seconds per wheel stud. Thanks to full contact on the wheel hub, the service life of a cleaning disc is around 400 uses.

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Wheel hub cleaning set 2.1


  • Fast cleaning of the wheel hub contact surface
  • High torque transmission possible
  • Safe and easy work
  • High lifetime of the cleaning discs


  • Mounting plate
  • 5 small cleaning discs
  • 6 large cleaning discs


Diameter large: 53 mm
Diameter small: 40 mm


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